Robotic Skies

Global Support Network for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Robotic Skies - Global Network

Robotic Skies is a worldwide network of 130 air agency-approved repair stations that have the aviation expertise and factory training to perform inspections and maintenance that ensure continued operation of your Marques Aviation unmanned aircraft system.

Certified Repair Stations

In the United States, network locations are certified by the FAA as repair stations and international locations are all approved as repair stations by their own country’s governing agency to work on manned aircraft. Robotic Skies technicians are held to a high standard of quality, reliability and predictability, and will be easily able to manage all government-mandated paperwork now and in the future as regulatory requirements for unmanned aircraft evolve.


Maintenance Records

Robotic Skies keeps technical data, maintenance files and inspection records for your Marques Aviation UAS so that any station of the worldwide Robotic Skies support network can quickly and affordably get your UAS safely back in the air.

Worldwide network of aviation authority-approved repair stations

Maintenance Services

Maintenance-related services to fleet operators:

  • Inspection and repair services, AOG
  • Airframe assembly, completion
  • Reliability monitoring
  • Hardware and software field upgrades
  • Insurance inspection, post-incident analysis and reporting



Engineering, Testing & Consulting

Engineering, Testing & Consulting services:

  • Airframe and component testing
  • FAA certification consulting
  • Component test
  • Systems Integration
  • Compliance
  • Unmanned regulatory compliance strategies



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