Conversions (OPV & UAV)

Conversions to optionally piloted vehicle (OPV) or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) take advantage of reliable, efficient, trusted manned aircraft to provide remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) of enhanced capability.

Converted OPVs and UAVs offer significant opportunities for operators to reduce acquisition and operational costs and risks in oil & gas assets surveillance, maritime security, coastal and border patrol, forest fire monitoring, search and rescue, natural disaster monitoring, aerial mapping, agriculture applications, and other.

Our team of expert engineers and key partners carry out the aircraft conversion which involves the installation of an autopilot, servos, actuators, and communication systems. Double sets of equipment provide redundancy and an aircraft emergency parachute promotes safety.

Marques Aviation has selected high performance piloted aircraft for conversion; including MA Garuda, Sky Arrow, Khaz 30, Velocity XL, Diamond, and other. The aircraft feature corrosion free carbon fiber airframes of strong and lightweight architecture with exceptional take off and flight performance. The air platforms are characterised by a high degree of responsiveness and safety, Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capability, manoeuvrability at low altitude and high cruise speed, and agility for aerial monitoring operations.

Converted OPVs and UAVs have a great capacity to carry complex payloads and systems such as radar, hyperspectral sensors, EO/IR turrets, air pollutant detectors, and collision avoidance systems. Fuel tanks are enlarged to obtain superior endurance. Electronic fuel injection systems permit expanded altitude envelope, and reduced fuel consumption and engine maintenance. Comprehensive avionics include autopilot computer and servo box, radar altimeter, altitude encoder, transponder, video images transmitter, flight termination system, and other.

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