PD-1 Unmanned Aircraft System

Marques Aviation – Official Distributor

PD-1 Unmanned Aerial System

Designed for aerial video surveillance in real time, aerial photography and other applications. Sturdy system for operation in diverse weather conditions. Equipped with encrypted digital data link that offers high level of protection against interference. Integrated gyro-stabilized gimbal provides superior video quality and detailed view of the target, combined with HD video downlink to allow to stream the Full HD video in real time up to 50 km.

USG-212 Gyro-stabilized Gimbal

Full HD camera with 30x optical zoom High quality IR camera.
360 degree rotation Target and scene tracking.
Weather sealed.

Ground Control Station

85 KM Digital Data Link 1000 cd/m2 HD screen.
5 hours battery endurance Antennas included.
Vehicle and man portable GCS versions.

Catapult Launcher and Parachute Recovery

Optionally equipped with pneumatic catapult launcher and parachute recovery system. This upgrade simplifies takeoff and landing procedures.