ALTI Transition

Marques Aviation – Official Distributor

The future of unmanned aerial systems

Next generation VTOL unmanned aircraft. Advanced, efficient and affordable fixed wing system with the ability to take-off and land vertically, anywhere!

ALTI Transition Specifications ~

Compact Size

Small size –
Big performance

Wingspan: 2760 mm
Length: 2500 mm
Height: 490 mm

MTOW: 15 kg

Removable wings and rear tailboom.  Reduce packing size for transport. Rapid deployment. No need for UAV assembly tools.


Electric + Fuel

Extreme fixed wing endurance with true VTOL capability and great hover times pending AUW, setup, payloads and environmental factors.

Electric VTOL Endurance: < 10 min
Fuel Fixed Wing Endurance: Over 6 hours
Endurance based on actual real world flight tests.

All electric also available.

Open Payloads

Fly exactly what you need

Large payload bay area, open to fit and mount a huge range of advanced cameras, sensors and other equipment.

Max Payload Weight: 1 kg
Suggested Sensor: Next Vision EO/IR

Advanced Airframe

Carbon composite materials

Incredibly efficient aerodynamic design, including dihedral, washout, winglets and quick release connectors for assembly.

Carbon sourced from top tier high-performance suppliers – Germany (suppliers to Airbus and BMW).

Ground Control Systems

Control, Data and Video

Custom built and designed ground control systems incorporate a wide range of uses, payloads and sensors. .
Short range basic control systems and long range, vehicle mounted data telemetry, control, video link and payload control systems, as well as IP rated weatherproof hardware and flight cases.

Smart Design

Hardware + Software

Split dual elevator for redundant flight control. Airspeed sensor along with our sophisticated code allow for stall speed detection, where the multi-rotor will instantly take control if required.
Unique features and fail-safes inlucing weather veining, overbank protection, velocity checks and more. The ALTI Transition is near impossible to crash!
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