MA Ninja sUAS Series

by Marques Aviation Ltd
Aircraft design by Sönke Dierks

MA Tactical Ninja WingCopter

Technical Data

Length: 1.00 m
Wing span: 1.00 m each wing
Wing area: 0.365 m^2 each wing
Wing airfoils: AG40, AG41, AG42, AG43
Wing aspect ratio: 5
Stabiliser area: 0.294 m^2
Stabiliser aspect ratio: 6.3
Stabiliser airfoils: HT14/HT12
Vertical stabiliser area: 0.294 m^2
Vertical stabiliser aspect ratio: 2.3
Control surfaces: Ailerons, flaps, movable stabiliser, vertical stabiliser
Wing loading: 23.5 gr/dm^2
Max. takeoff weight: 3.5 kg
Cruising speed: Approx. 90 km/h
Max. altitude: 4,000 m

Tandem wing design for enhanced aerodynamic performance while preserving wing span of 1 m for each wing.

Hybrid propulsion design with 4 electric motors for VTOL and 1 cruise electric motor in ‘pusher’ configuration.

Specially designed to fly in urban tight areas and perform agile manoeuvers during the chasing of targets.

1. Herex core of the composite sandwich
2. Inner layers of thin glass composite of ± 45 degree layup
3. Rear wall from balsa plywood covered with glass fabric
4. Strip of the hinge material
5. Styrofoam core of the flap (aileron) wall
6. Carbon braid
7. Herex core of the composite sandwich
8. Flap core – Rohacell
9. Outer layers material

Colibri Optical and Thermal Video Sensor

Stabilized Payload
Visible Zoom: x6.6 + x2 digital (total x13.2)
Thermal Resolution: 640 x 480 or 384 x 288
Pitch FOR: -45° to +135°
Roll FOR: -180° to +180°
Diameter: 53 mm
Height: 78 mm
Weight: 160 grs
Power: 10 W

Ruggedized Ground Control Station for harsh environments.

NATO STANAG 4586 Compliant
15” Sun-readable display, 1600 nits
8 Hours of battery operation
Joystick: 2 buttons for vehicle or camera control
Throttle: Vehicle speed control or camera zoom
Integrated MPEG4 network video server
Integrated Data Modem: 2.4 GHz, 869 MHz or 900 MHz
Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C
Dimensions: 550 x 430 x 215 mm
Weight: 14.2 kg

Easy to use autopilot. The hardware consists of COTS components and includes integrated components necessary to control the air vehicle, including GPS navigation, a long range modem daughter board connector, expansion ports.

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