MA THOR SolarLight UAS

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance UAS


The MA THOR SolarLight is a versatile vehicle used in missions as diverse as remote sensing and mapping, land and maritime border patrol, sea and land search and rescue, long endurance intelligence and reconnaissance, surveillance of oil and gas installations, inspection of natural disasters, ecological work, environmental monitoring, wildlife surveys, precision agriculture aerial mapping, weather monitoring, communications relay, law enforcement, fire fighting, and many other. The vehicle accommodates a large variety of payload.


The lightweight, hybrid solar-electric-hydrogen powered MA THOR SolarLight can loiter above regions under surveillance for several days. The platform uses a triple hybrid propulsion system that provides the aircraft with extreme endurance and capability to operate at low, medium and extreme high altitude in diverse geographical latitudes. The SolarLight is an ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre aircraft with a wingspan of 10 m and MTOW of 110 kg.

wing span 10 m
length 6 m
height 0.8
wing area 10.89 m2
elerudder area 0.9 m2
horizontal tail area 1.23 m2
aspect ratio 12.5
positive flaperons 5 deg, 9 deg, 18 deg
negative flaperons -5 deg
center of gravity 23% – 40%
empty weight 102 kg
max take off weight (MTOW) 120 kg
stall with flaps 50 km/h
stall without flaps 56 km/h
manoeuvring speed 125 km/h
max. speed with flaperons extended 115 km/h
max. speed with airbrakes extended 160 km/h
VNE 190 km/h
min. sink 0.50 m/sec
min. sink speed 65 km/h
max. sink with airbrakes 6.0 m/sec @ 100 km/h
best glide 01:50
best glide ratio speed 85 km/h
45°-45° roll time 3.9 sec
take off distance MTOW 10 m
best climb speed 80 km/h
max climb rate (MTOW) 3.1 m/sec
max load factor permitted (x1,8) +5.0 g, -2.2 g
max. load factor + 6.5g – 6.5g
  • Multi-mission aircraft equipped with multi-sensors optimised to support persistent surveillance, military, security, and terrain mapping applications.
Persistent surveillance
  • Persistent day and night surveillance over one week at a time.
Versatile operation
  • Operational at low, medium and extreme high altitudes (above 30,000 ft), and in varied weather and sun irradiance conditions using a hybrid propulsion system.
  • Capability to carry sophisticated EO-IR, hyperspectral and specialist sensors and SATCOM.
  • Large, open-interface payload bay to accommodate a wide range of COTS and customised sensors, cameras, and payloads that allows quick change of payloads.
Silent mode
  • Silent mode on approach of sensitive military targets by the use of electric-only propulsion.
Launcher & parachute
  • Catapult launch takeoff and parachute recovery system.
  • Sophisticated wave relay high-bandwidth communications system using an IP-based mesh network that transmits secure encrypted video and data to command centres anywhere in the world.

Enhanced SATCOM connectivity.

AVIATOR UAV 200 SATCOM. Compact, lightweight box of 1.45 kg.

Inmarsat Class up to 200 kbps data and full, real-time control of data channels.

Low operational cost
  • Low operational cost with the implementation of solar energy technology and hybrid propulsion system.
  • Special logistics architecture for aircraft type.
  • Full training of pilots, engineers, and payload operators on UAS type.
Repairs network
  • Global support network of repairs stations.
  • Inspection and repair services, AOG, Airframe assembly, Reliability monitoring, Hardware and software field upgrades, Insurance inspection.
  • Engineering, Testing & Consulting services: Airframe and component testing, FAA certification consulting, Component test, Systems Integration, Compliance, Unmanned regulatory compliance strategies.


High-performance carbon-fiber MALE ISR aircraft of hybrid solar-electric-fuel cells propulsion.

10 m wing-span aircraft.

Flight control

Flight control: 4-stage positive and negative flaperons, Dual redundancy elerudders, Electric flaperon trim. 

Power train

Power train: Electric brushless DC motor.


Propeller: 2-blade carbon fiber on-ground adjustable pitch propeller

Solar energy system

Solar energy system: Gochermann PV panels, Sunsaver MPPT.

Fuel cells energy system

Fuel cells energy system: HES Aeropack fuel cells stack electronics, Fuel cells controller, Hydrogen cylinder, Ultra-light two-step titanium regulator, Refilling adaptor kit.  

Battery system

Battery system: 3 batteries, Battery management system, Modular electric system.


Avionics: MicroPilot MP 2128 g2, Flight control computer, Dynon Avionic SkyView GPS, INS, IMU, ADS-B transponder, Antennas, Heated pitot tube, AoA sensor, Air data terminal, External mounted systems, SATCOM, Communications system.


Launcher: Catapult launcher system.

Recovery parachute

Recovery parachute: Ballistic parachute, Parachute container, Launcher system.

Anti-icing system

Anti-icing: Electric anti-icing system.


EO-IR Sensor: UAV Vision CM202 multi-sensor turret, HD EO & IR, Laser, Object tracking, Geo-lock, Real-time video stabilization, Motion detection, Payload control unit.

GCS & Data link

Ground Control Station & Data Link: Integrated flight planning and control GCS, Rugged GCS laptop computer; Rugged payload control laptop; Large monitor; Communications and power cabling, GCS transport case, 100 km mesh-network wave-relay encrypted IP communication system, Tracking antenna.


• Inmarsat Class 4 SwiftBroadband
• Full Inmarsat hemisphere coverage to 5° elevation
• Background data service up to 200 kbps
• Streaming class services up to 32 kbps